Welcome to Granny's Kitchen


We want to give you a big warm welcome to Granny's Kitchen in Lampeter. We invite you to come and 

enjoy the surroundings and excellent service in which we take great pride. Very tasty food and beverages, 

both hot and cold. Granny's Kitchen also provides disabled toilets, baby changing facilities and FREE WiFi.

Please remember, we cook food fresh as it is ordered so make sure you allow enough time.

Granny's Kitchen is also available for small functions.

You may want to book your office/works  Lunch with us. 

Granny's Kitchen  has her Standard Menu, Vegetarian Menu, Gluten-Free and Vegan Menu


Telephone Granny's with your TAKE AWAY and beverage order.

Granny's are open on Sunday.



If you still want a hearty Sunday meal there is still lovely home-cooked fayre including,

 Ham Egg and Chips, Lamb Cawl plus all of the many other options on our menu. 

Don't forget to have a look at Granny's Specials board

Opening Hours:  

Mon to Fri:  08.30 until 16.30. Saturday 09.00 unit 16.00

Sunday 09.00 until 15.30


We are open all day on Wednesdays 

Because of high demand, our normal menu is available on 

Sunday as so many of our customers want a Granny's 

Breakfast to start the day and end the day

 Granny's is a friendly, relaxing and atmospheric place to meet with friends and family.  We welcome 

those of you who want to bring in their little furry ones for a treat.

Granny and Grandad have nearly 120 years jointly (of course) of looking after "Man's Best Friend" and 


they will always be welcome here. But please remember, they need to be well behaved or Granny might  

not give them a treat so, be warned

Why not treat your dog to a special doggy ice cream?  

The weather is improving, thank goodness, the sun is poking its head over the clouds and warmer 

temperatures are coming. Granny's ice cream Sundaes are selling more regularly and what a gorgeous 

treat they are. Try one after you have had a meal. Take a look at the menu for the choices of Sundae 

flavours. Don't forget your doggie ice cream too. Man's best friend likes a treat now and then.

We at Granny's are so sorry that we have to increase our prices. We have absorbed as much as we can but 

now, like all businesses we have to pass some costs on. The overheads have increased beyond belief with 

stock, utilities, insurance etc all going north. Obviously, the cost of running lorries means that all suppliers 

have had to increase their prices. As an example, our Gas and Electricity has increased by over £1000 per 

month. Wow. We hope you understand and will still pop in to have your snacks and meals.

Review of Reviews.

It is very easy to use anonymity to write poor reviews about a business. We at Granny's look at all of our 

reviews to gauge how we are performing. If there is a bad review (which thank goodness) is rare. we ask 

the writer to let us know the exact details of the problem and what we could do to improve.

We know that on some occasions a review has been written by a competitor. There is nothing we can do 

about this and we will not respond by doing the same stupid act. Reviews can influence business in 

positive and negative ways. Negative reviews can have a detrimental effect which could in fact put a great 

strain on a business's financial status. Reviews are a way of communicating with others informing them of 

their particular experience of that business. It is very strange when you get for example 10 five star ratings 

followed by a one star. We know that some people complain in an attempt to get money back or a free 

meal on their next visit.

We have recently received a review stating that we do not serve freshly cooked food. 

This is defamation as it is completely untrue. We have been accused of giving someone cold sausages. 

These were sausages given to a customer's dog. Granny will often cook an extra sausage so that a dog can 

be given a treat when it comes in with a customer. We have been given a one-star by someone who could 

not get a meal because the kitchen was closed for the evening. We have been given a poor rating because 

we were closed during the pandemic. If a genuine complaint is received it is of interest to us. It helps us to 

improve and ensure the same issue is not repeated.

We have received reviews stating that we have very rude staff. This is nonsense. We have an extremely 

friendly and hard-working team here at Granny's and poor reviews about them have a real effect on their 

confidence. Our staff remain very positive and do, on occasions, receive abuse from some people who 

would never again be welcome. "Challenging" customers are experienced daily by our team at Granny's 

Kitchen and they still remain cheerful. 

If people behave in this way, there is nothing we can do. To make poor reviews about a competitor does 

not happen often and we just let them get on with it as it is pathetic. Give reviews to assist others to make 

a decision about where they may like to visit. If you are dissatisfied with something, please speak to the 

staff at the time so that genuine complaints can be looked into. That surely is beneficial to all.

There are more important things to do than write false reviews?

Granny's Kitchen will always need to make improvements and we look positively at genuine concerns and 

put it right.

Granny is not always right and neither is the customer.

Sorry for the rant but we are expressing concerns that every business is experiencing. It is far too easy 

these days to make damaging remarks when the person making those remarks remain anonymous


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Meet Granny's team.

We have, of course, Granny, Owen, Michelle, Becky, Naomi. Sarah, Jan, Tammy, Lilian and Mariah.

We all wish you a happy and enjoyable visit to Granny's Kitchen in Lampeter

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"Lovely service with a smile and great coffee"

Chrissie Ross

Director of High Fives, Apple

"Popped in for lunch here today, very friendly staff and a good selection on the menu! Would definitely recommend"

Charlie Best

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

"Great breakfast and coffee lovely friendly staff great cafe .."

Dai Jones

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

Our customers love our good food and great service. Contact us to find out why!